Sigung Taky Kimura’s 95th Anniversary

Bruce Lee’s original and most senior student.

This year marks the 95th Anniversary of Sigung Taky Kimura, Bruce Lee’s original number one student, and the world-renowned teacher of Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do. For over half a century now, Sigung Taky has undoubtedly been one of the most beloved and revered figures in the world of martial arts.

Sigung Taky was personally certified as an instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu by Bruce Lee and was the only man to have been awarded a 5th level ranking during Bruce Lee’s lifetime. He now holds a 7th level rank in the art, which was bestowed posthumously by Linda Lee under the direction of her late husband.

In March of this year, Sigung Taky celebrated his 95th birthday during the first ever Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute of Seattle Instructors Conference, presented by Sifu Andy Kimura in partnership with Sifu Matt Emery. In the summer of this year, he was also inducted into The United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as a ‘Martial Arts Legend’, along with his son, Sifu Andy Kimura, who was honoured as a ‘Distinguished Master Instructor’.

This humble, engaging and mild-mannered man still practices and teaches Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do’ with his son and chief-instructor, Sifu Andy Kimura, at The ‘Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute of Seattle’ to this day and is an inspiration to countless martial artists and Bruce Lee fans around the world.

To learn more about Sigung Taky, Jun Fan Gung Fu or Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, please visit: http://junfangungfuseattle.com


Here are some great photos of Master Taky Kimura signing copies of our new commemorative-edition poster-magazine, which was unveiled at the recent graduation dinner, hosted at Tai Tung, Sijo Bruce Lee’s favourite restaurant in Seattle. With grateful thanks to Sifu Matt Emery and Sifu Andrew Kimura for the awesome images.

To read more about Sigung Taky Kimura and his life-defining friendship with Bruce Lee, please check out the special 95th Anniversary Edition of our poster magazine. Below is a short excerpt:

Taky’s father, Suejiro, came to America at the age of 6… only to end up as a foreman of an all-Asian work-crew on the railways – backbreaking and low-paying work, or “Coolie Labor”, which consigned many Asians to an early grave. One day, his father asked Taky to cut off one of the tips from his working gloves. Inside, he found the tip of his father’s middle finger, severed by an accident involving two railway sleepers. His father continued to provide for his family, as if nothing had happened. Taky would never forget the lesson or, indeed, the strength, determination and quiet dignity of the man, who had taught it. He recalls fondly, “My father was my hero, my strength.”


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