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Bruce Lee: The Life, The Legacy, The Legend

Bruce Lee: The Life, The Legacy, The Legend has been created by Kudos Memorabilia to celebrate the life and work of martial arts icon, Bruce Lee.

No individual in history has made the kind of cultural and popular impact on the worlds of film and martial arts as Bruce Lee. In a trailblazing life that lasted a mere 32 years, he single-handedly changed the way we view the expression of the human body in combative form and left a rich and diverse legacy that has been an inspiration to millions around the world.

The members of the management team at Kudos are also the original producers and creators of the Hong Kong Legends, Premier Asia and Cine Asia home-video brands. It was our pleasure to celebrate Bruce Lee’s Hong Kong film catalogue with our very popular Platinum Editions and our award-winning ’30th Anniversary Commemorative Box-set’. We are, therefore, honoured to present this prestigious range of Bruce Lee Poster Magazines to ‘The Little Dragon’s’ loyal and dedicated fanbase. We promise you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enjoy exclusive interviews, editorial features and historic images.
  • Experience a high-quality poster magazine on premium art paper.
  • Highly collectable unfolded editions available – Very limited stock.
  • Free, Fast and Reliable Shipping Worldwide.
  • Secure bespoke packaging to ensure the safe transit of your collector’s editions.
  • Cashless Pre-Order System (We don’t need your money until our products are ready to ship!)

Look out for forthcoming releases, prestige book projects and special editions. 

About Kudos Memorabilia:

Located in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Kudos Memorabilia is a seller and curator of fine art photography and prestigious collectibles from the worlds of film, music, sport and popular culture. We are devoted to rare and authentic pieces and strive to acquire iconic works that will timelessly hold a place in history.

Kudos Memorabilia collections feature highly sought-after collectibles that are rare and difficult to source. From Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Lord of the Rings and Muhammad Ali to James Bond, we are proud to offer a variety of highly desirable fine photographic art, including vintage photographs and limited editions, and high-end memorabilia from our prestigious private portfolio.

Our unique collection offers a tantalising proposition to interior design teams working with discerning residential and commercial clients, who desire bespoke articles to embellish, or act as a focal point for, design paradigms that celebrate cinema, sport, music or classic photography.

We exclusively acquire works and collectibles from only the most reliable and respected entities, such as the world’s most famous auction houses, private estates and elite private collections. We trust you will appreciate the high quality and variety of the iconic articles on offer.

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About Bruce Lee:

To learn more about Bruce Lee and the valuable work of The Bruce Lee Foundation, please visit: www.brucelee.com

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